The 2021 State of Data and What’s Next

The 2021 State of Data and What's Next

This market research conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) highlights the disconnect between enterprise data access requirements and their current capabilities to make data-driven decisions. Jointly commissioned by Red Hat and Starburst, this study uncovers emerging trends and valuable insights that every data and analytics leader should care about.

From the great data dispersion to the impact of the pandemic and from the data pipeline dilemma to the move to the cloud, the study encapsulates the current data landscape. It also makes predictions about the future.

Download your complimentary copy of the report to learn:

  • The impact of the pandemic on digital transformation and data access
  • What great data dispersion and data pipeline challenges mean
  • How SQL compares to graph analytics, machine learning, and time-series analysis
  • The key drivers that will inform future of data and analytics

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