Secure Remote Work Toolkit Ebook

Working from home has gone quickly from luxury to necessity.

Around the world, companies are under intense pressure to quickly expand their reliance on distributed, remote teams. But standing up this kind of capability isn’t easy: It means access and device challenges, communication and collaboration challenges, and new security and compliance concerns. Software solutions can help—but which ones? And how can enterprises integrate new solutions seamlessly, so teams can quickly access what they need without putting enterprise assets at risk?

That’s what this guide is all about. To keep your remote workforce humming efficiently, you need to provide them with a specific, comprehensive suite of remote work products, and you need to ensure their remote authentication is secure and frictionless. Okta lets you unify these best-of-breed apps into one streamlined end-user portal your employees, partners, and contractors can securely sign into from any device. And Okta’s new Workflows technology automates provisioning and deprovisioning, so you can get each team quickly to all the Zero Trust solutions they need, from VPNs to cloud and on-prem apps to servers and APIs.

On the following pages, we’ll lay out the tools your teams need, and the top-tier software partners that easily integrate these capabilities together into a simple, secure solution you can stand up quickly.

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