Tackle App Modernization in Days and Weeks, not Months and Years

Most developers work on existing applications: products and services that have been built, maintained, and updated over long periods of time. Over time, large organizations develop layers of manual processes designed to minimize risk and ensure compliance. As a result, software releases are often infrequent, high-ceremony events that require heroism and brute force. This bleak status quo is untenable for businesses that want to compete and win in the digital age. The question you need to answer is simply, “How can I modernize my most important apps, so I can get new features to production faster?” VMware Tanzu Labs has answered this question for hundreds of enterprises. The foundation of this success is modernization methodology that leverages cloud native patterns and continuous delivery (CD) automation across your existing application portfolio. The benefits of CD​ are clear (and outside the scope of this paper), but getting there is a universal challenge. Learn how to take an iterative approach to modernization by starting in a small, focused way.

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