SANS Buyer Guide

SANS Buyer Guide

Parametric and special-event policies have become increasingly popular as organizers look to protect their investments at events of all sizes. Properly insuring these scenarios requires accurate historical weather data and trusted tools for post-event weather verification. This white paper reveals how you can glean actionable insights using big data, machine learning and predictive analytics to strengthen your special-events and parametric insurance offerings.

When an event’s success is determined by weather conditions, accurate data can make or break your coverage. Your underwriters need the confidence to bind policies that satisfy both your risk appetite and the insureds’ needs. And in the event that the policy is triggered to pay out for exceeded thresholds, your claims department needs an accurate, consistent way to verify conditions and expedite the payout process. 

In this white paper, you will learn the difference between special-event and parametric insurance in terms of coverage and necessity, and how you can write more informed policies. Topics discussed include:

  • What is the current opportunity for special-events insurance?
  • Why parametric insurance is especially relevant today
  • How to glean actionable insights from proprietary risk models
  • How to get historical and forecast weather data to help you write smarter policies
  • And more…

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