Observability Capabilities Report

Founded in 2015 to address the new challenges of monitoring modern containerised applications. The platform offers a broad set of capabilities with a high degree of automation to cope with highly dynamic environments. Although focusing on modern applications this does not preclude support for legacy SOA applications. The continually increasing set of collectors and support for open standards means data can be ingested from most things. Real time stream processing of metrics and traces results in actionable data within a few seconds. Instana’s flexible data model ensures that all environments from monolithic to serverless and beyond can be understood for effective monitoring. Software as a Service (SaaS) is a great option to get up and running quickly and remove the administration burden from your own team. However, some organisations may have strict security requirements that preclude using SaaS. A monitoring solution should offer flexible deployment options allowing the user to choose between SaaS or an on site installation.

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