Hyper-Automation: Improve Cost, Speed, and Accuracy for Better IT and User Experiences

The only constant in life is change, especially for Enterprise IT tasked to do more and more without proportional increase in budget or resources. For example, serving an increasingly multigenerational workforce, changing preferences in IT interaction, and the need to work anywhere at any time, challenges the traditional IT approach to service delivery and service experiences.
In addition, the explosion of endpoints and critical workplace IoT devices connected, communicating, and generating data on the edge, coupled with the rise in security threats, requires an evolution in the securing and servicing of IT assets and the users who employ them.
This white paper will illustrate how the Ivanti Neurons hyperautomation platform enables true proactive support; empowers your Tier 1 staff; accelerates threat response; and provides immediate, accurate, and actionable IT asset and spend information. You will see in these examples how to improve the IT experience for end users and IT staff, and deliver better outcomes for everyone in your organization.

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