ebook: Kubernetes Monitoring


Application Performance Management for Microservice Applications on Kubernetes

There’s a reason everyone is talking about Kubernetes these days. It has become the go-to container orchestration solution for organizations of all sizes as they migrate to microservice application stacks running in managed container environments.

Kubernetes is certainly worthy of the recent excitement it has garnered, but it doesn’t solve every management problem, especially around performance. It’s important to understand what Kubernetes does, and what it doesn’t do; and what specific capabilities DevOps teams require from their tooling to fully manage orchestrated microservice applications and achieve operational excellence.

This eBook examines Kuberenetes, the operational issues it addresses, and those that it does not. Additional examination of modern DevOps process is included, with a discussion on management tooling needed to achieve continuous delivery of business services leading to excellent operational performance. The eBook concludes with a detailed analysis of the capabilities needed from your tooling to successfully operate and manage the performance of microservice applications running on Kubernetes.

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