Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security Whitepaper

Actively Secure Your Industrial Environment in the New Era of Distrust

For security and SOC teams, network monitoring is not enough to protect today’s sophisticated OT environment. You need to access the details that provide in-depth visibility into the industrial control system environment. Without this, you can only hope your industrial devices have not been compromised by unauthorized activities or external threats.

Download the white paper to discover how Tenable.ot delivers the most comprehensive set of critical information for industrial environments by querying devices and automatically gathering the most comprehensive and critical information about every asset – providing you with the ultimate asset management and visibility capabilities.

Download the white paper to learn how to:

  • Validate controller integrity by identifying changes made via physical connections
  • Discover assets that do not communicate over the network
  • Preserve data to deliver holistic back-up and recovery
  • Monitor all routable sections of the network

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