Bank API Certification Course for Treasury and Finance

Bank API Certification Course

Bank API Certification Course for Treasury and Finance
Get bank API-certified in 30 minutes or less. In this free, on-demand video course, you will learn the fundamentals of bank APIs: what they are, why they matter, and how to make them work for your treasury team. Upon completion of the test, participants will receive a digital badge confirming their status as FinLync Bank API Certified.

Who should take the “Introduction to Bank APIs for Treasury and Finance” course?

Today, bank connectivity is moving beyond batch file transfers to embrace the speed of the modern bank API. This course is suited for:
  • Treasury leaders and practitioners
  • Finance leaders and practitioners
  • Junior treasury associates
  • Bank sales professionals
  • Bank product professionals

Course Details

Designed with busy professionals in mind:
  • Free
  • On-demand and at your own page
  • Total run time is 15 minutes
  • Certification test takes 15 minutes or less
  • Upon passing the test, receive a digital badge and certificate to add to your resume and post on LinkedIn