Attacker Economics: Understanding the Economics Behind Cyber Attacks

Automated attacks are proliferating against organizations around the globe. As the cost and investment of launching these attacks continues to plummet, companies are increasingly experiencing credential stuffing attacks that can lead to account takeover and fraud.
Just as you routinely evaluate the cost of a big purchase against its value, attackers must decide the best place to spend their time and resources. If the attacker’s effort is trivial and the payout is astronomical, then the ROI is high and the decision is easy – making your organization vulnerable to attack.
By reading this eBook, you’ll learn:
Why understanding the ladder of attacker economics is key to successfully defending your applications; you need to make it prohibitively expensive for attackers to get past your defenses and attack your apps.
How attackers exploit application logic and the law of large numbers to launch a staggering number of low-cost credential stuffing attacks to breach companies’ defenses, leading to account takeover (ATO) and fraud.
How to detect automated attacks – Assume that sooner or later all your customer-facing applications will be attacked; learn how to maintain resilience and effectiveness as attackers retool to circumvent defenses.

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