Webinar: Intelligent, agile platforms for the new era of public services

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Government executives around the world are embracing innovative digital technologies to change civil service operating models, make intelligent, transparent policy decisions, and accelerate the path to the new Efficient-Trusted-Highly Responsive-Inclusive-Convenient (ETHIC) public services. Being able to deliver immersive digital experiences for citizens and businesses will be one of the key drivers to realize that vision. The UK government has been on the forefront of this transformation for many years.
The 2019 Government Technology Innovation Strategy remarked the need to embrace technology innovation to deliver better digital services. To underpin such a transformation, the UK government is modernizing its complex legacy, siloed systems by investing in scalable, agile, multicloud environments. And, to realize the benefits of speed and agility of cloud solutions, government CIOs and their teams need to automate observability across multicloud environments, so digital citizen services can perform in a reliable and secure manner.
In this webinar, guest speaker Massimiliano Claps, Research Director at IDC Government Insights and Jason Tooley, VP EMEA Sales at Dynatrace analyze the growing digital presence in the UK Public Sector and the trends leading the change.