How UltraThreat Feeds Can Protect Your Brand, Mitigate Fraud and Defend Your Domain

Use Cases for Financial Services

Some things never change. Bad guys go after financial services.
Companies in financial services are attacked 300 times more often by cybercriminals than those in other industries. That’s why timely, relevant data on potential threats from authoritative sources is an essential element of a strong and effective security posture:

Timely: Threat data is time sensitive. Threat actors can activate botnets through new C2 (Command and Control) Domains in a matter of minutes.

Relevant: The challenge with many threat feeds, especially open source feeds, is the sheer volume of data they contain. Without nearly limitless resources to process huge raw data dumps from DNS and other sources, potentially important insights go undiscovered.

Proprietary data sources: Inaccurate data is worse than useless. It can send security professionals chasing after false threats, wasting their time and essential IT resources.
Neustar UltraThreat Feeds delivers the timely, relevant, authoritatively sourced information that your IT security team needs to track and counter emerging threats and secure your digital domain.
This white paper describes how financial services companies use Neustar UltraThreat Feeds to:

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