Essential Characteristics of an AI-Powered Ecommerce Platform

We’ve seen AI pay off for big players like Amazon and Netflix, but early AI tools required an investment that was out of most companies’ reach. That’s all changed. Now, effective AI tools can work seamlessly with eCommerce platforms. AI for eCommerce makes search tools smarter, helping customers find the right products with less effort. AI-powered product recommendations bring complementary products to buyers’ attention without effort. Smart recommendations can be blended into the buying experience at every stage, making it easy for customers to see other products they’re likely to want. To learn how AI-powered eCommerce creates smarter search results and better product recommendations, join the webinar led by Ryan Green, Senior Manager of Strategy & Product Marketing for Adobe Commerce​. The discussion will cover:
  • How AI-powered product recommendations can help increase revenues
  • Finding your customers’ hidden (and unmet) needs
  • Flexible ways to bring recommendations into play—and common mistakes you can avoid

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