Data and Analytics in a Digital-First World

A global study by IDC of data workers’ activities and the democratization of data and analytics in organizations.
While organizations are placing an even greater emphasis on improving employee data and analytics skills, challenges such as data complexity, technology constraints, skills gaps, and lack of analytics automation continue to impact productivity.
According to IDC’s Infobrief, sponsored by Alteryx1 of more than 1,100 data workers across the globe, “62.4 billion hours are lost annually worldwide due to unsuccessful and inefficient data and analytic activities”.
To compete in today’s digital-first world, organizations will require data and analytic democratization, unified tooling, and the upskilling of data workers.
Whether you’re looking to benchmark your organization against industry peers, or just looking for data to support organizational transformation, this report will help you understand:
  • The current skillsets of data-natives and solutions that enable upskilling
  • How to improve the data and analytics experience
  • Tips for democratizing data and analytics in a digital-first world
Download the latest IDC research to read all the key findings.

1IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Alteryx, Data and Analytics in a Digital-First World, doc #US48688922, January 2022

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