An insurance giant's multi-cloud journey to
secure innovation

Cloud transformation enabled by powerful identity tools
For more than a century, AIA Group has been in the business of helping people across Asia plan for the future. To build its own future, AIA embarked on digital transformation from 100% on-premise to hybrid and multi-cloud architecture, and a major challenge emerged in ensuring frictionless experiences while enabling “bank-level security” for 20,000+ workers across Asia. It turned to a world-class identity and access management solution.
The multi-factor gamechanger
Before finding Okta Identity Cloud, AIA used a legacy identity management provider that it found too “cumbersome” for the task of securing a major cloud transformation. The deal-breaker was that the old platform did not offer multi-factor authentication, which AIA believed was critical in the highly-sensitive global insurance industry. The search for the ideal solution led to Okta, opening new avenues for Zero Trust strategies.

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    Vendor-neutral cloud transformation
    In planning its cloud transformation, AIA embraced multiple providers to give it flexibility working with partners hosted on different platforms. In such an environment, AIA needed identity and access management that enables seamless navigation among disparate environments. Okta provided a simple answer: vendor neutrality.
    Unrivalled speed to integration
    Discovering Okta opened the door to more frictionless collaboration in any cloud environment. The newfound agility has yielded powerful results, enabling AIA to average nine integrations per month compared to one every six weeks with its previous provider. Okta’s own speed with security updates gives AIA peace of mind it’s always a step ahead of the hackers.
    Driving trusted digital experiences for 1 million
    active customers AIA now has sights on customer identity access management (CIAM) for its flagship insurance and wellness program, AIA Vitality, for which it foresees one million monthly active users signing on with Okta across the Asia-Pacific. AIA’s other major initiative is reconciling Zero Trust with frictionless sign-on, and a key tool promises to be FastPass.