ABI Research Report: The
Importance of 5G Signaling

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Planning for a 5G signaling platform that can scale to include hundreds of different use cases will be vital for the success of every mobile network moving forward.
The 5G market is growing rapidly with mobile operators deploying networks aggressively in North America, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Early adopters in South Korea already completed the first phase of their 5G network deployments, while operators in China are deploying 5G New Radio (NR) base stations by the thousands every week. In the meantime, there were hundreds of different 5G devices in the market at the end of 2020, signaling that 5G has reached a critical mass.
At the same time, several operators are now deploying 5G in Standalone (SA) mode, where the NR is no longer tethered to a Long Term Evolution (LTE) Core Network (CN), but a brand-new CN designed for advanced services, including network slicing, microservices, edge computing, and high levels of automation. The beginning of 2021 will truly see 5G reaching the mass market and slowly starting to become the key cellular communication technology.
Signaling infrastructure is critical to any mobile network, and even more so for 5G. With enterprise services and communications expected to provide a generous revenue stream for mobile operators and the entire supply chain, a robust signaling infrastructure will be key for future success. ABI Research urges mobile operators to consider this aspect of their networking strategies immediately in this latest research.
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